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Please contact Adcon® team whenever you like to place an order of any Adcon® products or services. We also love to hear from you about your needs and your questions or comments about existing Adcon® products and services. We are also interested in your suggestions for potential new Adcon® products and services to meet and exceed your industry needs.

We are available 24/7 to serve you. The options below provide a few ways to contact us.

Adcon® (dba. Adcon® Group, Adcon® Lab, Adcon® Solar, Adcon® Mining)

6110 Running Springs Road,

San Jose, California 95135, USA

Phone: (408)531-9187

Fax: (408)532-8886


To ensure continued quick response by Adcon staffs, please write “Attention to Adcon Products and Services or General Administrator” at one of the following departments or product business groups:

  • Advanced Abrasive Product Business Group,
  • CMP/Cleaning Test Wafer Product Business Group,
  • Adcon Solar Components – Solar Panel, Racks, Inverters Business Group,
  • Adcon Solar Systems – Design, Financing, Installation Business Group,
  • CMP/Metrology Tool Rental and Capital Planning and Utilization Service Business Group,
  • Value Added CMP Consumable Product Business Group,
  • Adcon Rare Earth Business Group,
  • Adcon Mining Business Group,
  • Department of Technology and Product R&D,
  • Department of Strategic Partnership Development,
  • Department of Human Resources Development
  • Department of Accounting,
  • Department of Legal and IP Management,
  • Department of Investors and Public Relationship.

If requested, we can be reached at skype or WeChat or Google Hangouts to discuss your specific needs.