Adcon® NanoCeria®

NanoCeria® is a registered trademark of Adcon® Lab, Inc. for a family of advanced abrasive products designed for CMP, advanced polishing, and other applications, including a family of nanometer colloidal ceria suspension (both aqueous and solvent) products and their derivatives in powder forms. These are nanometer ceria abrasives in their stable suspensions with different controlled shapes, customer-specified solid content, customer-desired pH and chemistry, customer-specified size or size distribution, and individual particle size ranging from 2nm to 120nm at customer choice.

Adcon® NanoCeria® products have been commercially employed in polishing/CMP for the most desirable planarization and surface finishing in electronic, optical, and other hi-tech industries.

Adcon® NanoCeria® & other nano-particle products have been successfully used in coating formulations for industry and consumer product applications.

NanoCeria® products have demonstrated tremendous potentials with their unique and improved properties in medicine, skin care, energy generation (fuel cell), air purification (automotive), and hydrogen generation (water splitting).

Please click the attached links to review the technical publications for the successful applications of Adcon® NanoCeria® in industries:

2005_ECS-SEMI-IEEE NanoCeria & CY18

NanoCeria for yield enhancement

1st made-in-China production proven CMP slurry paper – 2004 SEMICON China

1st made-in-China production proven CMP slurry presentation – 2004 SEMICON China

8th Annual International CMP Conference_NanoCeria_DuPont presentation

8th Annual International CMP Conference_NanoCeria_DuPont & Adcon Lab Inc Paper