Adcon® CMP & Cleaning

CMP & Cleaning are two critical processes employed in manufacturing advanced IC devices that are being used in variety of electronic applications, from smart phones to the space shuttle.

CMP consumable products available for order today are CMP slurries, polishing pads, and diamond conditioning disks. These are value added products for specific CMP applications, including STI (Shallow Trench Isolation) CMP, oxide CMP (ILD or PMD), Polysilicon CMP, Cu/Low-k CMP, W CMP, noble metal CMP, silicon substrate polishing, and sapphire substrate polishing.

Adcon® CMP team and its partners offer customers the flexibility in using our CMP equipments, metrology tools, clean room, and experienced CMP professionals in developing their own CMP consumable products.

Please contact us for a quote or a proposal specific for you to meet and exceed your needs.

Attached are CMP publications that reflect what Adcon® team and its partners accomplished in serving our customers to achieve their goals in semiconductor industry:

Technological Breakthrough in Pad Life Improvement and its Impact on CMP CoC

Significant Improvement of Disk-Pad Life and Polishing Performance by Using a New Pad Conditioning Disk

Proven Practice and Future Application of Polysilicon CMP in IC Fabrication

New Generation CMP Equipment and its Impact on IC Devices

Advanced STI CMP Solutions for New Device Technologies


A Production-Proven Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) Solution Using Novel CMP Concepts

A Novel Retaining Ring in Advanced Polishing Head Design for Significantly Improved CMP Performance

1st made-in-China production proven CMP slurry presentation – 2004 SEMICON China