Adcon® Corporate Highlight

Found in 1994 and incorporated in 1997, with 22+ years dedicated to nano-technology R&D, 15+ years in semiconductor and rare earth application business, and 10+ years in solar energy business.

Designing, manufacturing, and supplying a family of CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) and cleaning related commercial products and services in IC (Integrated Circuits) and solar industry:

– Advanced abrasive products designed for CMP and other advanced polishing applications, including Adcon® NanoCeria® products, a family of nanometer colloidal ceria suspension products in aqueous or solvent forms and their derivatives in powder forms. These are nanometer ceria abrasives in their stable suspensions with different controlled shapes, customer-specified solid content, customer-desired pH and chemistry, customer-specified size and size distribution, and individual particle size ranging from 2nm to 120nm at customer choice.

– Cleaning solutions for key IC process modules.

– Test wafers and design capabilities, from blanket film to patterned to advanced IC device wafers of different wafer sizes (including 200mm and 300mm) and the broadest choice on market.

– Various CMP and metrology tool rentals and services (including Mirra & Reflexion).

– Other CMP consumables: diamond pad conditioning disks, polishing pads, and critical parts.

– Beta site and business developments for CMP consumable and WFE (Wafer Fab Equipment) manufacturers.

Designing, manufacturing, and supplying a variety of rare earth products (oxide particles in aqueous or solvent suspension forms or powder forms) and nano-particle formulation (rare earth oxide, nano-diamond, nano-alumina, nano-silica) in both solid forms and suspension forms for different applications (surface finishing, coating, energy, transportation, medicine, life science) in a variety of industries.

Designing, manufacturing, and supplying value added and differentiated PV products, such as the life-style enhancing residential detached and attached PV roofed structures and the BOS (Balance of System) for PV power system (including multi-purpose and pass-through junction boxes).

Consulting services in supplier chain from mining to advanced applications for strategic materials.

Growing numbers of global customers, including 25 multi-billion $ companies and market leaders in their market segments of semiconductor and other industries

29 Adcon® team members with strong education background (31% Ph.D., 17% MBA/M.S., 31% College Graduates, 21% Vocational School trained) and proven professional track records.