Adcon® Rare Earth

 Since 1994, Adcon® R&D staffs have developed a series of rare earth technology products. Since 2003, we have been offering full spectrum of rare earth products in the nanometer range at a customer desired particle size (or size distribution) from 2 nm to 120 nm and particle shapes and physical forms (powder or paste or aqueous slurry or solvent suspension), according to specific customer needs in different industries:

  • Cerium oxide,
  • Lanthanum oxide,
  • Neodymium oxide,
  • Praseodymium oxide,
  • Samarium oxide,
  • Dysoprosium oxide,
  • Europium oxide,
  • Terbium oxide,
  • Other customer specified rare earth compounds or the mixture of those compounds.

 We also supply all rare earth materials (oxides and other compounds) in conventional forms – powders in larger particle sizes or size distribution at most competitive price and quality in the world. Please contact us to let us know your specific needs and we will offer you quote for our products and services to meet and exceed your needs.