Q and A


What are NanoCeria® particles and colloidal NanoCeria® slurries?

These Adcon® products are nanometer ceria particles in powder form or their stable suspension of either aqueous or solvent media with different controlled shapes, customer-specified solid content, customer-desired pH and chemistry, customer-specified size or size distribution, and individual particle size ranging from 2nm to 120nm at customer choice. We have fabs to manufacture >10,000 lbs (solid equivalent) a year for these NanoCeria® particles. Manufacturing capacities can be scaled up to 5x of current capacities in less tha a year. These Adcon® NanoCeria® products were initially designed by Adcon® scientists and engineers to prevent IC wafer scratches during CMP or to eliminate scratchnes, pits and other defects on post CMP wafers. The smaller ceria particulates in slurry wll also enable easier post CMP cleaning when proper chemistry is employed in cleaning soilution. These Adcon® products have been used in various CMP applications, including direct polish STI, PMD, polysilicon, and Cu/low k. They have showed significant application potentials in almost all other possible CMP applications, such as ILD, W, noble metals, silicon, and SOI. For direct polish STI alone, these Adcon® products will enable about $25/wafer IC device manufacturing cost reduction (as compared to reverse mask etch process integration), leading to a total of potentially $14 billion saved manufacturing cost in entire semiconductor industry over a five-year period. Today, these NanoCeria® particles and aqueous or solvent suspension products have been used in various applications: precision optical surface finishing, surface coating formulations, medicine, skin care, energy generation (fuel cell), air purification (automotive), and hydrogen generation (water splitting).


What is CY18TM?

CY18 TM is a trademark of an IC manufacturing cleaning solution product developed at Adcon® Lab. It has been successfully used in the volume production of IC device manufacturing fabs so that the IC device yield of customers was improved more than 30% during their ramp up process by using CY18TM from Adcon®.


What are your current test wafer products and services for your global customers?

We are supplying the broadest test wafer products on the market, as requested by our global customers. These products are of different wafer sizes, including 300mm and 200mm in diameter. These Adcon® products include customer-specific (device-specific test mask or IC device masks, including SRAM or other memories or mainstream logic) or standard (with MIT/Sematech masks, including 854 and 864) Cu patterned wafers (with oxide or different low k dielectric materials: Black Diamond, Coral, FSG and others), STI patterned wafers, W patterned wafers, PMD or ILD patterned wafers, polysilicon or amorphous Si patterned wafers, post plasma-etch/ash wafers (for stripper or cleaning equipment development). To meet the demands of our customers, we also supply all types blanket film or film stack wafers, Si and sapphire wafer substrates, and deposition/CMP/cleaning/metrology services for test wafers, exceeding the quality and price for the same product types in the market place. These blanket films include all possible metal and dielectric materials. For more details, please review our presentation foils posted under Wafers on Products pages of this web site. To seek a quote for ordering our high quality and low cost test products, please send your requests to CMP/Cleaning Test Wafer Product Business Group at Adcon® address as list under Contact posted on this web site.


Are you another wafer broker as those in the market place?

No. In test wafer business, especially for CMP and cleaning applications, Adcon® Lab is a unique design house, just like Nvidia and Xilinx in IC chip business. By forming partnership with several IC fabs, including multi-billion $ leading IC fab organization in semiconductor manufacturing, Adcon® Lab designs, manufactures, markets, sells, and services the broadest product lines in high-quality and low price application specific test wafers (including short loop, long loop, and full loop IC device wafers) and provides various high-value-added engineering services whenever requested by our global customers in semiconductor industries. Current Adcon® test wafer product lines cover all potential CMP and cleaning applications, including Cu/low k dielectric (k as low as 2.2), Cu/oxide, STI, poly, W, noble metal, PMD, ILD, advanced Si and sapphire wafer substrates.


How do you like to build and grow your company?

As a private company in a high growth-potential industry, we like to grow our business by focusing on our product technologies, customer satisfaction and the financial bottom line of our own and our customers.


Please send your questions or requests to us if you are interested in developing our mutually beneficial relationship.